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Custom Journeys

Adventures Done Your Way

"Word of Mouth"

That's how people find us.

Repeat clients and referrals bring us over 70% of our business.

There's a reason why!

With so much to choose from how can one wade through all the enticing options the world of travel has to offer? 


The internet can only get you so far. Why not work with experienced travel planners who are intimately familiar with the countries, the towns, the lodging options, the tours, and the lay of the land?

Our role is to be your travel consultant, helping guide you through the difficult maze of travel options. We can help you plan not only the location and itinerary, but also make suggestions on the little things that make your vacation more relaxing such as what to pack, what to book in advance, and how and when to buy travel insurance.

Generally speaking, we can match, if not beat, the lowest fares you might find on the internet. BUT, we don't stop there, because we are available to answer your questions and solve your problems. It's more like having a travel expert on your side. You speak to the same person each time.

Custom Journeys is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Thanks for visiting!

We hope to see you again!